What is my offence?

To find the most suitable criminal offence relating to your matter, please choose from the list below:

The Assault Page
The Firearm Offences Page
The Murder & Manslaughter page
The Sexual Offences Page
The Robbery Offence pages
The Extortion Page
The Break Entry & Steal page

What Talty law can do for you?

When you contact Talty Law we can advise you of the best legal strategy and how to get the best possible legal outcome. All of our lawyers are experienced advocates who appear regularly in NSW courts. We ca advise you of the likely sentence you will receive if found guilty of the offence and help devise a specific strategy to assist you through the court process using mitigating circumstances and considering all possible defences.

Some mitigating factors that we can ask the court to consider include an early guilty plea, time already spent in custody, your vulnerability and rehabilitation prospects, your contrition to the community and also evidence of your good character.
Common defences for this type of charge can include duress and necessity, which may be applicable in your case. We will also be able to assist you in dealing with any aggravating factors that may be present such as previous convictions.
If you have been charged with a criminal offence, then don’t hesitate and contact Talty Law on 02 8007 3201 for an obligation free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.


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