Building and Construction

Talty Law can help you with legal issues arising from developments and improvements of all sizes.

Debt Recovery

Talty Law can assist to implement a strategy to get your finances in check.

Criminal Law

Drug Offences, Assault, Sexual offences, Firearm offences, Extortion, and much more.

Traffic Offence

Drink Driving, Dangerous Driving, License Appeals, Disqualified & Suspended Licenses

Family Law

Divorce and Separation, Child Custody & Property  much more info is inside

Wills & Probate

Talty Law can assist you in planning your family’s future. Creating a will is an important legal task.


“Sean Talty, Principal Solicitor”

We understand the legal system can be confusing

The legal system can be complicated and overwhelming but we listen to your situation and can help simplify the process. Talty Law can help if you:

  • Have a dispute in business, as a consumer or even with a neighbour
  • Are owed money and have been unable to collect or want to update your contract documents to ensure better protection in the future
  • Want to ensure your rights are protected under a contract
  • Have been charged by the police or another government body and have to go to court or appear before a tribunal
  • Want to ensure your rights are protected during a police investigation
  • Have received an unsatisfactory outcome at court and wish to appeal or are just not satisfied with your current legal representation.
  • Have found yourself in a family dispute and want to get a fair and reasonable outcome when it comes to a property settlement or access to your children

We’ll give you practical advice about your situation:

  • How you should deal with it
  • What you can expect to pay (if Legal Aid is not available)
  • How you can best prepare for court
  • Whether you should plead guilty or not guilty
  • What penalties might apply
  • Whether you should appeal


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