I was granted bail within two hours of the arrest. In the bail reasons for decision it’s says: No likelihood there would be any custodial sentence imposed. Does this mean the possibility of me getting jail sentence is low should I be convicted?
AIt is highly unlikely that a custodial sentence would be imposed given what you have indicated.
The case is to be heard in Bankstown local court. I’m wondering is it better to hire a lawyer that is based in Bankstown or perhaps someone in city?
AYou don’t need to use a Bankstown lawyer but you do need to ensure that you use a criminal lawyer and not a lawyer who does not know about the criminal law.
WI got a car parking fine. Car was parked next to the temporary “rental fence”, and there was clearly no signboard nears by and indicating “no stopping”.
I lodged my complaint 2 weeks ago on the NSW parking fine website. So far, no reply, my fine is due in 2 weeks.
What is my next option?
AOptions: Pay fine or  Ask for a review. If you intend to dispute the fine, take photos now, before signs magically appear. Take lots of photos from all angles.
My daughter had a car accident in a car registered to me. It was uninsured and she was at fault. The other driver chose not to take details and my daughter was honest enough to forward them to her via text. The other driver had her vehicle fixed immediately through her car insurance over claiming items to fix.
One year has passed and debt collectors are chasing my daughter for the costs, but he has her name wrong on all the legal paperwork. Where does she stand legally? No paperwork has been handed directly to her, either via flatmates or left on her doorstep. Is this allowed?
AThe short answer is it depends on what exactly the legal paperwork is that you mention, as to whether it matters that her name is wrong and or it hasn’t been given directly to her.

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  • Thanks again for today - you killed it. Listening to the lawyers that went before you had me thinking "shit, I hope Sean's better than them". You were! You spoke so eloquently and gave me the best chance possible! My grandma thinks you're the bees knees ?
    I'll highly recommend you to anyone that needs representation (in my industry, it will be very likely).

    - T.N.

  • "Sean is a very professional and caring lawyer who got me the best outcome I could get for a high range DUI and he also got me an exemption from the mandatory interlock program. He was considerate of my finances and was a very genuine person. Would recommend highly to anyone."

    - Luke 

  • Just wanted to thank you again for your help today and over the last few months. It was a phenomenal outcome and I feel so relieved. Thanks for always reassuring me and not making me feel even more embarrassed about the situation. I have had confirmation that I have retained my job which is thanks to your thorough work.”

    - Sophia



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